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12v dc to 22v step up, how do i build it ? Answered

planning to build a guitar amp that runs off a battery, need to get 22v to the plate.
can i build it to wire straight into the circuit? also where can i find a miniature output 
transformer that can mix voltages and be suitable for audio use.
i want to build a  0.2w tube amp running at 8ohms off 12v and low amps.


Are you trying to build a street performer electric guitar amp?

I would get a Ghetto Blaster and connect the guitar to the cassette input on the amp.

Judging by your question a vacuum tube street amp might be beyond your skill set. Also a Ghetto Blaster can take kicking around, as a vacuum tube street amp will need tweaking on a daily bases.

im trying to build a pocket tube amp. apparently the technology

never existed to make anything that runs efficiently, but it wont stop me

from trying to build something anyway. there was a few 'portable' radios

built that ran off 2 batterys.. usually a 22 or 45v and 2.5v for the heaters.

what i want to do is run a similar circuit using space charge tubes or

tubes that were used in hearing aids and pocket recorders from the mid to late 50's.

basically i want to step up the voltage on the 23A size 12v..

You already struggle with a simple power supply and still want to build a tube amp??
Wake up and buy something that fits your battery ;)

ok so i could just get some random metal bars and make some winding's....

or i could hopefully get a bit of help in wire thickness and total length.

this is my project.. i am going to build it even if it doesnt work... thanks.

Take two 12V batteries in series, add a voltage regulator set to 22V, enjoy.
Otherwise take a single 12V battery, add a 24V step up converter and again use a voltage regulator to get 22V.
If you are lucky you might even find an adjustable step up converter or a car adapter for laptops that provides 22V.

ok. so frequency and ohms don't matter on the plate i guess?

and i could just supply the plate directly with power at the right voltage?

yes the question sounded wrong... step up before? or after? transformer.

You can't (easily) convert DC with a transformer. What you need is a DC/DC converter. Or just put two batteries in series, this will give you 24V.

where can i get an transformer that would work well at 24vdc

that i could wire up into a tube amp? or what specs?

this is only running camera batterys, not car or laptop batterys.

A transformer that works with 24VDC? Only in another universe with different laws of physics. Transformer DO NOT WORK with DC.

Put 'DC/DC Converter 12V to 24V' into the search engine of your choice and buy some ready made module.

A 6 cell Lipo battery will give you between 25.2 volts and .22.2 volts.

This will probably do the trick.

You can get high capacity Lipo batteries intended for radio control use. check out Hobby king.

You will however need to buy a lipo charger to recharge them.


Amazon have several battery powered guitar amps considerably higher wattage then 0.2 watts.