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12v desktop fan laptop cooler, request for info Answered

right, so my toshiba has a notorious problem with overheating. its the a505 series, which for any toshiba user should instantly bring forth the heating problems. i run some rather heavy programs on it, such as blender, and several emulators. however, my computer goes litterally shuts off immediately once it hits about 90 degrees (and it will, often...... when i'm using the internet.) so, i've taken to putting it on a box fan. however this makes useing the computer hard.

i went out and bought a (really exspensive >( ) laptop cooler, which does jack. it's running at 68 degrees with the internet and pc health monitor running. it's powered by usb cord, and is way to underpowered to be worth  my time.

so what i want to do is get a couple desktop fans (as in four to six), wire them together, and hook them up to an outlet, since a usb doesnt supply the needed power. i can probably get the fans wired up (series or parallel?) but i don't know anything about getting a 12v power supply and hooking it up.

can anyone help me, please?


Well, if you're not going to take the cooler back you can get a 12v DC transformer from Radio Shack & try it on the existing fan. You should make sure you watch the polarity. 12v may burn out the fan or you may find that it still doesn't put out enough to do the trick.

Depending on the design of the cooler you could possibly add some additional fans. Fans are relatively inexpensive on line, except for the shipping.

If you can't adapt the cooler you can easily make one, to see how many fans you need, for next to nothing and keep adding fans till you see a significant difference in the temperature drop.

I bought a cooler & found that it reduced the temp. by about 3 or 4 degrees C, a big disappointment. I concluded that the manufacturer of these things are creating designs that are quiet but not effective.

What I did was to get a MEDIUM FedEx express mailing box, free from a FedEx driver, or have FedEx send you a few, or go to the Post Office & see if they can arrange to get you one. FedEx has a contract with the PO. DO NOT use a Post Office mailing box it is significantly less sturdy.

The box comes flat. Open it up & cut out a round hole in the appropriate place and screw in the fan using the four corner screws.

Make your electrical connection. Fold down the sides of the box for support & tape the edges of the box sides to the bottom of the box. DO NOT remove the strips protecting the adhesive on box. You'll never get the box apart again without destroying it. Take and Exact-O knife or a razor blade & cut some ventilation holes in the sides.

Plug it in & see how effective it is. If you need to, add another fan. My laptop is not under the stress yours is, but I'm able to drop it from 61 C to 39 C in 3 minutes with one old power supply fan.

Good Luck

interesting! i like the box idea.

... im confused. do i wire the transformer up to a house hold plug?

You plug the power supply into a household outlet or an extension cord.

You might consider a fan from Radio Shack. I got a 12volt fan & a 12volt power supply / adapter. It works great.

Look around you'll find something.

A 12V wall transformer should do the job. for 8 fans, a 6A rating will easily work, although a 5A supply without any current limiter should have no problems, though it depends on the rating of the fans.

To wire it up, use a parrallel setup (all the positive wires connected together, and all the negative wires joined together.

thanks for the reply! however, while i understood the peices that make up your reply, the context is greek to me.

for instance, what is, and where do i get, a wall transformer (i'm pictureing one of those plugs with a large black box for a plug...)? how do i check the rating of the fans to see if a five (amp, right?) supply will work?

any suggestions on a type of fan? (like a brand, or specific power rateing, ect?)

i have rather little experience when it comes to electronics, a major thorn in my side..... so, i can probably put all the peices together, but figureing out the pieces....

.... i went to eat, came back, and my computer has shut off again. last time i pay 40 bucks for a cooler..... i almost want to get someone to take it apart and replace the thermal compound. i don't know anything about that myself, so i don't know what to do.

i don't know why toshiba make such a crappy system. it doesn't work period. lately it's been getting worse and worse, and now, with just the same two programs as earlier running, the keyboard is warm to the touch. that used to tell me it was about to shut down, but now it's almost the norm....