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12v power supply for 3 circuits? Answered

hi there

I'm trying to build my first led project and found a led dimmer circuit somewhere on the internet, I need to build 3 dimmer circuits, one for red led dimming, one for blue and one for green but i want to use a single power supply for all three, each dimmer needs 12v to run and I only have one 12v power supply, how can i wire the circuits in order to use the only supply i've got?

this is the dimmer i will build to run 20 led's, the led array draws very little current, less than 175 mA

any help or ideas welcome




Just tie the supply to each of your circuits, in parallel. No problem, provided it can supply 3 x 175mA, you're good to go.

thanks a lot, now i'm good to go buying the parts, if my project works i'll make an instructable for it, again thanks