12v power supply using AA batteries help Answered


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I would like to power my arduino using a 12v 1A power supply, can i achieve this by using 8 AA batteries? Or would that not give me 1 amp?
The arduino only draws around 50mA i believe. 

Thanks in advance!


Yes 8 AA batteries will give you a 12V power source. Though the Arduino only needs 5V. And yes the batteries will support a 1A draw. Keep in mind the power supply doesn't push out amps. The parts you use draw current from the power source. Batteries can support high current draw but can blow if you draw too much current from them. Power supplies are designed to support a certain max current before parts start to fail.

Yes i know i know that, the 12volts is so the batteries dont run out extremely quickly from the current draw, I have an xbee ontop of the arduino that draws 210mA @3.3v.

How would you reccomend powering the xbee?

Thanks for the reply!

More voltage isn't going to give you longer battery life. Larger batteries like a car battery will give you longer battery life. Or you can put multiple battery packs in parallel with each other to extend battery life.

Solar panels can extend the run time if the panels are able to supply enough power to run everything on there own and supply a good charge to the batteries to help offset the overnight power usage. A small panel trickle charging an SLA battery isn't going to help a whole lot.

Oh ok! So i should use a combination of parallel and series for higher voltage and amp hours?

Yes. You can run 6 AA batteries in series to give you a 9V output. You can make several battery packs with 6 AA batteries in series then wire the packs together in parallel to gain long run times.

A constant draw of 1A will drain AA batteries quite fast.

A 12V sealed lead acid battery or two 6V ones in series to save space would be the better option.

If it is just for the Arduino without any attached loads AA's are fine.

Ok i believe ill do the 6v option, because the arduino will have a xbee atached that requires 210mA and thats why i need the Amp.

Do you think a solar panel or a few in series would manage to make them last longer by trickle charging?