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12v to 24v converter makes led flick - help! Answered


I installed 3 led lamp 24v in a caravan(RV). I have as a source a 12v battery from the 12v battery (a battery from a car with 90AH). To supply the led lamps I have installed a 12v to 24v convert 3 amp between the 12v battery and the 24v led lamps. But as soon as I turn on the power, all leds start to flick / blink. So what is the problem? Please help!!! I dont know.

Convert 12v to 24v 3A 72W
3 x 24v 9w led (search in google for sl70011-9w-84)

This led lamps are sold to be installed in a house and they are sold with a led driver: input ac 175 - 285v output: 24v-32v model GSB-3909w.

Please help!!!



4 years ago

i have a Led light bar in 12v, how to connect in 24 v vahical


4 years ago

I was going to use the 12v to 24v converter so simulate the original 220v to 24v led driver that came with the led lamp.

I was just going to change the source, but keep the output voltage (24v).

This is the converter i bought:


I will use one single converter to feed power to at least 3 led lamps. So, i want to be able to just light on one led lamp or all the lamps.

Is that possible with that converter?

So the scheme is:

12v car battery (battery is good!) -> 12v to 24v converter -> switch for each led lamp -> 9w led lamp

Is this missing something?

I tought that the led driver was just a step-down converter AC to DC.

But in this case, being DC to DC, i tought i was just needing a 12v to 24v step-up.

I will check voltage feed to the led lamps as soon as possible.

Please help with sugestions!!


4 years ago

Blinking occurs when electronics is unable to supply the power being drawn.

You should suspect that maybe the LEDs need a limiting resistor in series.

And that resistor or a built in current limiting mode is in the AC DRIVER.

Leds do specify a voltage to allow the LED to conduct current , BUT after that LEDs are controlled by current !!

At most the three LEDs should not use more then 27watts.

How much tech ability do you have.

Can you measure the LED current when running on the AC Driver ?


4 years ago

You'll need to get a 12V to 24V LED driver for them.