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SMD3528 12v white led strip on battery question? Answered

I'm building a table and i will use 1m of white led waterproof strip SMD3528 (300 LEDs), but because i don't want  any cables around i want to put rechargeable battery what will supply  enough energy to led light for some period of time.Battery is 12V Li-po Super Rechargeable Battery Pack DC  1800mAh. Do i need something else beside battery and led strip, and how long can led work on this battery, or should i use battery with more capacity?


You should double-check with google, but here's my understanding.

Your 1800 mAh battery = 1.8 amps. That means (in an ideal world) it could run a 1.8 amp device for one hour, or a 1 amp device for 1.8 amp hours. If you're drawing .4 amps you should be able to run 4.5 hours. BUT, you can't drain a lipo battery all the way (I think you only want to go down to 80% capacity at most but, again, check). That would only give you about an hour.

You can get lipo battery level alarms pretty cheap on eB -- I have one for my lipos. If you already have the battery, just experiment by hooking up the strip and checking the voltage on your cells every 15 minutes or so (or better yet, keep the alarm hooked up to it and time how long until it beeps).

Another option is to investigate the amps you'd get with a 14-battery pack made up of rechargeable nicad or li-on cells. You can build the pack into the table with a charging jack available.

Charge it up before company comes over, unplug it, and enjoy.

Best solution... have one edge of the table up against the wall or a piece of furniture and use a 12v power supply that plugs into the wall. :)

Best of luck on your project! I'm in the middle of a costume build with leds and servos that might be powered by a lipo, but haven't gotten far enough to give you any solid advice.

You need to know the current consumption of the strip.

led is SMD3528 (300 LEDs) and im not sure but i think that current consumption is less then 2Amp.

Then a 1800mAh battery will last less than one hour.


i found that 1m of led stripes need 0.4Amp. What battery capacity do you recommend?