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160,000 pounds of ink... Answered

From Juxtapoz Magazine:

All you wanted to do was have a smooth commute this morning but of course it takes you an addition two hours because of an overturned tracker-trailer, what a way to start the day right? Well this morning outside of Boston, we can imagine commuters were rubber-necking more than usual as they got to see one hell of a sight . . . 160,000 pounds of industrial printer ink splattered over a 500 foot stretch of road…

I'm not sure it's actually 160,000 lbs of ink, since that's over 72 tonnes.  Let's call it 16,000 lbs, that works out as over $10,000,000 worth of colourful drain flush.

I wonder if the driver still has a job?



Saw this in the local news a day or so ago. LOTS of cleanup attempted before they just paved over it IIRC

Paved over it?

That's going to be one to confuse future archaeologists...

"We found a patch of one of their driving surfaces, but digging further down we found what may be the remains of an intricate mosaic or mural, indicating there may have been an element of worshipfulness in the way this culture propelled themselves around the surface of the planet through the use of elemental fire."

Re-surfacing is a very common solution to spills, I know someone who was responsible for such work on the London Orbital M25.

I often wonder what a "future Historian" might make of some aspects of modern life.

Hmm, only if the inks will last. If they are organic in any way, they will most definitely "fade" or change over time (I would think, anyways :-) but yes, that is an interesting thought).

Technicolor in real life! Popsci (Popular Science) has a article about this (along with a two page picture spread of it) in their June 2011 (newsstand version - IDK about subscription version)

This accident happened outside of Boston on 9 March 2011. Here's one of the local news stories about it. And yes, it was 16,000 pounds (8 tons [US]), not 160,000. The bloggers, as usual, couldn't keep up with the facts.

they always get a little zero trigger finger happy, don't they? :-)

Newspaper printer ink?

Revise that cost down, I think.



Heh, just closed this picture on imgur. Kinda pretty, actually...