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17.5hp Tecumseh Lawn Tractor Engine. Starting and Dyeing after 20sec or so Answered

I have a 17.5 hp Tecumseh Lawn Tractor Engine that starts only on Full Choke but dies after 20 seconds or so. After I got fuel going to the cylinder, the carb started to leak fuel. According to the owner, it has never done the before. Here is the link:https://www.amazon.com/640330-640330A-Tecumseh-Carburetor-Solenoid/dp/B00LRTPGDE 
This is the same carb that's on it.

Please, I need help ASAP anything would be helpful!



1 year ago

Being dirt cheap a repair of an old and leaking carby is sometimes just a waste of time.
However, with the right tools and some spares it is a matter of less than an hour.
Usually long times of no use wreck the fuel and it damages the seals in the carby.
Sometimes it is as simple as a torn or rock hard diaphragm with a badly sealing needle valve.


1 year ago

Drain tank of old gasoline and refill with fresh fuel.
Remove the carb's needle valve adjustment (screw with spring), and run a soft pipe cleaner through the jet. Re-install the screw and spring, and turn gently until it touches bottom, then back out 1.5 turns.

If that doesn't help, just get the new carb for $15.