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1970 Honda CT70 LED Headlight & USB charger idea Answered

Hi guys,

New here but not to projects and tinkering in general. Mostly im a mechanical type guy and not to electrically inclined.

I have a 1970 Honda CT70H Trail bike, I would like to replace the current headlight with a single or multipul LED set, also id like to split it and run a USB charger when the headlight is not runnning. My plan to acomplish this (my very simple in a perfect world plan) is to take the LED set from a small cheap flashlight that uses 4 batteries in order to get the proper voltage, and use the same leads the go to the headlight. Currently the Honda has a dimmer switch which I was planning on using for my switch between light and usb power. For the usb I was going to use a car cig-lighter type charger and but i know a car is a 12 volt system however i assume because usb chargers use 5volts that a car charger has a 5volt regulator in place?

Included is a ct70 wiring diagram link, help would be great


Thanks all


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A cheap flashlight isn't going to give you adequate light. By a good quality bright white 6V LED. If you don't want to spend that much on the light then leave the light as it is and add the USB charger like you want. You won't be able to hook it directly to the system so you will need a VR that can take the 6V and bring it down to 5V. Though a voltage divider may be an easier option.