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1990 Camry front signal cover release? Answered

How do I get the front turn signal cover off to replace the signal bulb?  I unscrewed the screws I could see outside and pulled.... which got one end loose, but that's all. Screwed it back together... and have been driving around right front blinker-less since. Not good.


There is a screw up under the inside of the fender you need to take out.

However I would just reach inside the hood and unplug the bulb and replace it, grab the back of the socket and turn, it should come right out and replace the bulb.

Yep, +1

For many years now the actual lights just come out the back of the lens assembly. Usually its a twist bayonet type of socket. As long as you have clearance to get to it there is no need to remove anything else. If you are nervous about doing that then take a tour to a junk yard and they will almost for sure have the same type of car. You can ask to look at one and then see how they are put together and maybe even try doing it on a wrecked car. Or you can just buy a book.

Thanks. Pulling the bulb from the back has worked fine on the rear bulbs and would be fine for the headlight bulb if it needed replacement. But I don't even see the back of the front turn signal reflector, although I see wires headed in that direction. They disappear behind another metal panel.

True. I could go to a junk yard or buy a Haynes manual. Somehow that felt like overkill - just to change a light bulb. (Toyota no longer carries any information about 1990's) I'll go look again for the third screw under the fender.

Again, thanks for the input.

If you can't get to the back or the screw from the top try reaching it from under the car, you may need to move the plastic splash guard.

Next time check the manual first. If you don't have the manual you can look it up online.