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19th Century Vampire Hunting Kit sells for nearly $15k Answered

Want to take your vampire hunting a little more seriously? Then maybe you need a kit like this one from the 1800s which comes with stakes, mirrors, a gun w/silver bullets, a Bible, holy water, candles, and garlic.

This one sold for $14,850 at auction recently, but why not make your own?



Oh my god, i NEED to make a portable vampire hunting kit

Could you fit one into an Altoids tin? One of REI's collapsible chopsticks might make a good Stake....

Kelsey, I do believe you have planted an unstoppable seed in Smart's brain..

arrrhhh!!! get it out !!!! the only way it will leave is if i make this !!

Do it!

>So excited!<

its in progress, i have the stake done !!

Now you just need to learn how to fit a bible, garlic, and a dagger in there Im thinking garlic flavored Altoids. Huh? huh? anyone?

Dagger -- from a game of Clue.
Garlic -- use cloves instead of whole bulbs.
Bible -- one of the mini-mini size they sell at bookstore checkstands

The hard part is going to be a projectile weapon and silver bullets (or BB's?).

who says it has to be a bullet? for that matter silver could also mean mercury considering the era these rumors are dated

lol i think im going to put a bible PDF on a usb - for the modern vampire hunter :D

>Could you fit one in an Altoids tin?

Now you're a true ibler. ;)

fantastic idea, ill start tonight !

I've got this dagger I carved from an oak sapling, bet I could use that too...

I think i will stick with my current arsenal, plus my double barrelled sawn-off shotgun im making. *vampire turns round, charges* *time ports to behind vampire, fires shotgun into back of head* *vampire dead*

That's cheating... *two vampires (ugly dude, hot chick) jump out of nowhere, lunge at me* *leaps at guy vamp, lops off head* *gal vamp goes for throat* *stakes and performs exorcism* *hot girl recovers, falls in love with Rocket*

erm yeah, lets stick with the downright slaying, and have less of the turning undead vampire into sex slave ok? And, how is it cheating? just because my time device has a direct neural input.

Who said anything about formerly undead sex slaves? Cor, still in the neural input age? Time to upgrade man, telepathic control is way better... It's cheating cuz you gotta go macho and risk life and limb to take vamps down, man-to-monster if your adding up a slay count...

sigh, altho neural input is older, there is no chance of brains hacks like with the telepathic control, no wonder you ended up lost in time with a school boy error like that. I am actually tempted to put together a small kit

I think the subject requires an Ible from those learned in the task

collab or contest :p ?

well, collab would be great, but hard, we could both make a kit. but like conjoin it into one ible?

With the rise of the soldiers of shadow, we should get on with it...

working on my latest as we speak

It's easy to avoid mind hacks, give your telepathic device a conscious, and teach it good 'n proper. Dawn 6 is the reason I'm alive today...

As am I

*vampire dead*

I thought they were dead to start with? How do you kill something that is dead already ? :-)

You make it super dead... The undead are re-animated, we just un animate them..

I have always considered death to be a lot like pregnancy; you can't be kind of pregnant and so you can't be kind of dead. ;-)

<surrenders to goodhart logic>

The person isn't the vampire, the vampire is simply using the body as a host....

Righto vampirism is: <br/>A) possesion by evil spirit, or the evil spirit of the person returned to the body for some moonlight mayhem<br/>B) an infectious nasty that gives the traits of vampirism, usually mutates the host somehow<br/>C) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twilight_(series) a load of rubbish for teenage girls to read]<br/>

To keep from having to carry the garlic, I would simply eat it, and then breath on them LOL

Stay away with your poison breath!! *cool front from Pennsylvania arrives* *undead monsters burned by toxic second hand air*

that's better then being killed by wind from one's derriere. ;-)

Well, i must say, i think im one of the best suited members for making a kit like this!

You are? :P I do believe I've had a brush with the Undead, have you?

Many a time, in many times. My undead kill record is currently 2,038

I have this slight problem of having forgotten all of my exploits so I can't give an accurate figure... But in this time line I've had a few incidents under my belt...

haha, indeed, well, make sure to keep count!

not bad, considering your lack of high tech weaponry.

Melee is my element of choice... If I'm not sniping, and since I lack a device for sniping the undead...

Ok, so what would be your chosen melee weapon?

Current technology: Good 'ol Spanish Rapier, one of the better ones, damascus perhaps, matched with a long dirk if I'm just packing for skirmishes and one-on-one; Hand and halfer with long dirk for multi-opponent mayhem, katana with modified hand guard (bigger longer, like on a late model broadsword) if the other chapies have katanas. Future Technology: Plasma Arc Broadsword Hybrid, or a lightsaber....

Plas Sword.JPG

well, im working on a current idea, which is essentially a nice straight sword, which is made from liquid metal held in place with electromagnets. Will melt through anything.

How's it handle magnetic shielding?

obviously the magnets only affect the bladed area. so there is very little magnetic leaking. And due to the liquid qualities of the blade, the blade doesnt tend to stick to anything.