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1ns Impulse generator Answered

i want to develop and 1ns impulse generator. It should be variable down to 1ns and a variable amplitude up to 32V. There should be buttons to increment or decrease the amplitude and frequency. Any IDE to develop the box.

I have tried to use a fast witching circuits with MOSFETs as a foundation to the project but it was not fast enough i could only achieve 100ns. Please Help


time rise is about 320kV/µs...huge! (time rise about 0.1ns with dynamique range of 32V)

keyword is : avalanche effect (transistor), and RADAR pulse generator

I will have to dig deep and understand the avalanche transistor or effect. How to manipulate to ger 1ns 30V


Best Answer 3 months ago

I have this in mind to try solve the problem...i am not sure it will work or not Sirius R


rise up is about 1ns/10 for good response, so if you want 1ns the time to rise is about

32KV/µS....i think it's impossible to obtain this performance. (your dynamique is too large)

Commercial application is about 1ns with a voltage dynamique range of 10V or 5Volts

keyword = R.A.D.A.R pulse generator, and Avalanche transistor effect

Thanks i will have to teach myself how the avelanch transistor work i just know they are good on fast switching but i dont know how will i create a circuit with them to get 1 nanoseconds