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2 9volts for a car battery? Answered

If I had 2 rechargeable 9volt batteries or 9 rechargeable 1.5 batteries and a couple voltage regulators. would I be able to run my car on it? I'm thinking about making a mini car battery just for the hell of it and just to know I can.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I've had a think about this, wouldn't be "mini" but you could use 200 NiMH 9V batteries, in a similar way to the attached (4 trays of 50). You'd want to wire each tray of 50 (pic) as parallel-pairs with heavy-copper wire, then each tray in parallel. Stack 4 on top of each other. L


sorry! but no! the reason a car battery is so buky large and heavy is because of the amount of current it supplys and your rechargeables will only supply 300 ma for 2 hours so the answer is definitley no!!!

but a regular car battery is 12.68volts. it sounds like it should... but if you really dont think it will work then how many batteries do i need till it does work?

i agree with lemonie and go for about 200 give or take a few although by then it would be so big you might as well use a standard lead acid battery. You would be poor by the time you paid for 200 9v rechargeables so i dont recommend it!!!

. You'll need about 100 A to crank a small car engine. If cookiemonster's 300 mA is correct, you'll need about 333 batteries (I don't think it will qualify as mini) and you'll probably run into low voltage problems with only 9 V.

If you didn't try to do anything like starting it, the vehicle would probably run OK off the alternator as long as you didn't use the lights, electric windows, stereo and stuff while idling. You can build one, but you can't turn the engine over with one.


get alot more batteries about the only thing you use the car battery for is to start your car once its started the alternator provides almost all of your power and recharges the battery

It's not necessarily about the volts, it's the amps, and two 9v just don't have the amperage to crank the engine.