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2 New home-made chocolate ideas I have (sort of) come up with! Answered

I have just been inspired by the Peanut Butter Cup recipes, to make some for my family..

but I decided, that since some people have nut allergies, I would make some filled with Lemon Curd...
a little odd, but it works... they are cooling at the moment.. but I had a sneaky taste of one!

but I ran out of Lemon Curd (only had 3 teaspoons of it!)

so I rumaged in the freezer, and found some frozen raspberries from last years harvest!

basically I crushed 3 into each muffin paper, and covered in molten chocolate...
I think these are even nicer... (instructable being written.. will have to photograph batch 2!!)

Has anybody got any other interesting chocolate recipes??
I was thinking maybe some crackling sherbet to go on top....

Will (AKA IllegalFun)



8 years ago

Instructable has been photographed, the words are defeating me, but hopefully it should go up on Sunday!

when my instructable does go live, I will edit the post, to add a link!