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2 bit storage Answered

I am making a homemade 2-bit relay CPU. I am having trouble with creating the ram(the ram needs to be able to power a relay )

thanks in advance for any help


That's a bit of a confusing question - We really need more detail of what you're trying to achieve to help, but a LATCHING RELAY may be of help to you.  This is a relay with a memory.  Pulse it one way and it sets; Pulse it the other way and it clears.  I've used one HERE.

As I mentioned below, a latching relay could probably do what you're asking by charging a capacitor in one state, pulsing the opposite state to hold the charge, then pulsing back to the first state to release it. The benefit of the latching is that it pulse controlled and doesn't need a holding current.
You still haven't really given enough information to know for sure though.

I basically need to have component that saves a current and outputs it when a spdt relay is powered on, and also can store enough power to trigger a relay

I thought he understood. Relays must be the ram bits .

I dont' think he gets it.

I have a young man I mentor in electronics, at the school I help teach electronics who is building a relay computer a la Zuse Steve

For how long? Short time - capacitor Long time battery.

Is this more than an academic exercise?

Your not going to do mush with it, it will be power hungry and relays cost quite a lot because of the cost of copper wire these days (Thanks China)

Could you explain exactly what you mean by 2-bit?
It hardly seems worth referring to the device as RAM with only 2 bits.



7 years ago

You have a bit adder in relay ?
What is you logic ie relay voltage ?
A bit in Ram is a relay Energized represent a 1, a zero = relay off.
I can make a design for you of addressable relay ram
You need to help by showing ab understandable schematic and relay spec.