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2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a flamethrower. can the spray can blow up ? Answered

2 jet lighters taped to a deodorant spray, to make a onehanded small flamethrower. Flame on the jet starts about one inch away from the nozzle. can the spray can blow up ? How about if the lighters are extinguished first, and then the spray jet ?



Best Answer 9 years ago

you could just hold the lighter to light it then move the lighter away and it will carry on with flames

the design is a one-hand operated pocket flamethrower to be used in panic / crisis situation like wild animals attacks, aggressive stray dog packs and so on, where one does not have the time to play with a lighter and a spray in different hands, and also fear might cause spraying of the forward lighter hand, and possible severe burning. furthermore removing the flame from under the jet will NOT result in the fire staying lit, I've tested this myself. the moment you remove the flame all you have is a deo spray. anyway the design is good, the question is about safety. what are my chances of that spray can blowing up with use ? lighter flame is about half an inch from the spray nozzle.

weird cos when i tried it with hairspray the flame kept coming

I must agee with both of you, I did a test :) spraynet(hairspray) stay lit, axe shot(mini axe spray) doesnt stay lit.

I'd suggest short-bursts, as I knew a person who held it down, started laughing, then the flame went inside the can, and now he has a lot of metal shards that say AXE. Ironic, isn't it? -PKT

one time I did that with a can of bug spray, but the top flew off and I didn't die.

The short answer is yes, if the flame is used too long the flame could "back-draft" back into the can and the results may be a little explosive. This is because most spray products are self-oxidizing.