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2 months delay in discussion notifications Answered

My "Discussions" tab showed no changes for about two months, and then yesterday it dumped about two months of replies that people had made on my various comments I made on the forums here.

I think that qualifies as a bug. I mean, ideally my "Discussions" tab would notifiy me of replies in a matter of hours, so I could reply to those replies in a timely fashion, if it was the sort of thing where someone was expecting a reply from me.

I am guessing this problem was maybe related to the recent big "improvements" to the site, to make it more readable for mobile lusers, and other changes to make the site more comment-able, question-able, tip-able, by everyone.

Just wondering: Has anyone else experienced this same problem, i.e. a several weeks, or months, delay in notifications of replies to your comments?



3 months ago

I get email notices but it doesn't tell me what for. "You have a new watched item" but it only links to a an opening page. I don't even bother trying to follow up on them. It would have more meaning if it just said "hey, somebody read something!"

I noticed that the embedded text in my pictures in my instructables is messed up because of the resizing the pictures. A lot of the text in the boxes is cut off so I will have to edit them all to make them all readable, maybe when I get the time.

You would imaging that some code monkey actually bothers to check for those problems before applying weird updates....
Why would you bother to edit anything??
Please don't tell me you actually think it would make any difference at all?
Most of the topics here get no replies at all, simply because noone can be bothered reading it as they know they won't be able to find the topic or their response ROFL

So much for my hopes Instructables is actually a website for the users and not just a revenue machine....

The site has become disfunctional - Sadly I am out unless it improves.

Since I found three of my favourites in this topic:
I will joind your club if I still can ;)
Takes a lot to make me give on something I really enjoy but Autodesk did it :(

I haven't checked the discussions tab but I haven't noticed any delays in notifications, I do know that I don't get notified for some comments though.

Yes, that's why I've given up.

Well, I am happy to realize I am not alone in experiencing this bug with delayed notifications.

Of course, I am dismayed that the bug is there causing problems for people, and that the site seems to be so buggy, so much of the time.