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2 part instructable Answered

I'm going to be making a 2 part instructable, where the first instructable can be branched off and help people make other instructables, and my second instructable is to make an "attachment" for my first instructable" Would the 2 be counted as 1? Or would the 2nd instructable be considered "incomplete".


I already posted my instructable on making chainmail out of PVC. But to truly have submitted a "costume" I think I should make the whole hauberk (its going to be a crusader costume) and them post that as "How to make a crusader costume", with lots of references and links back to the original. I couldnt just add them together because the first ible is "How to make PVC chainmail", not "How to make a PVC crusader costume".

Why not just combine the two into one Mega-Instructable?

thanks guys, I'll just do what lemonie said. Brenn10: I don't want to make it one huge instructable because it might take away from it, people would have trouble finding it if they only want the first or the second part, it's just better under two. My 1st instructable is DIY Opensource sensor, this instructable could drive all of the animated props and add sound to it for less than 15 dolars. I just sent in an instructable saying it'll be done tommorow or the day after that.

Each should be complete in it's self, but complimentary to the other, which seems to be what you're thinking of. L

Just make sure that the second Instructable refers explicitly back to the the first, inlcuding a link, and you should be fine.

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