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2 stroke motor help? Answered

Hi guys I built something similar to this https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Strap_a_Leaf_Blower_Engine_to_a_Bike_and_Go/ anyways the coil thingy that the guy cut a circular hole for came off my engine. There's magnets in it. I'm pretty sure that the magnets drive the spark plug as there's a small black piece that hooks to the plug. So am I screwed?


if you are looking to set the air gap on between the ignition coil and the flywheel magnet, use a business card as a general setting. Without knowing your engine make, model, code there is no way to tell the exact air gap. I still use this method at work when there is no service manual to follow. Just make sure when you put in the business card that the metal legs off of the coil are on top of the magnet for the flywheel or you may run into clearance problems when you actually try to run the unit.

I agree with Wesley666 but I always use a dollar bill instead of a iece of cardboard. I also might sugest getting a book about two stroke engines from your library. Or you could just go online.

screw it back on it is the ignition coil you need to have it there of there will be no spark. will it go back on?

Possibly. Does what your talking about have one curved side that fits close to a circular piece of metal that turns? If so that is the magneto that came off and yes if you don't put it back on correctly you are screwed. If you get a piece of really thin cardboard (cereal box cardboard) and place it between the curved side of the magneto and the circle then re-attach where it came off of, EXACTLY where it came off of, then you are good to go. Make sure that it is the right way, it usually has a black piece of plastic on the side that faces out. If you do this correctly it will work. I am not sure if I need to say this but when your done make sure to take the cardboard OUT from between the flywheel (circular piece of metal) and the magneto.