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2 ways to have more fun with knex guns. Answered

So the number 1 thing to do with knex guns is to organize knex wars.  But what if you can't go to a war?  Don't worry, I have come up with 2 more fun things to do that don't involve nearly as much organization and knex as a knex war.  To make it more fun, I have made a point system that gives you bonus points depending on the scenario.

1. The hit and run (20 points)
1. Gather up 2 friends and give them guns.  The guns you will use should have a fast ROF, like a knexsayer, ZKAR, or handle pump TR.
2. Pick out a house.  Have your friends go on each side of the door of the house, while you stand directly in front of the door.
3. Ring the doorbell.
4. When victim opens door, open fire!
Bonus 5 points if you emptied 5 or more shots from your gun before the victim reacted
Bonus 15 points if you got your ammo back.
Bonus 30 points if the victim waved his fists in defiance and vowed revenge.

2. Hit and run- soliciter version (20 points)
You know those guys that hang around stores and sidewalks with cardboard signs asking for money and stuff?  Well go get a NAR or a TR and have fun!
1. Go find one of these solicitors.  They usually hang out in front of big chain stores like WalMart and Target.  They might even be at the local mall.
2. Pull out a TR or a NAR and shoot a few rounds into their cardboard sign.
3. Repeat until you get chased off.
Bonus 10 points if they had a sandwich sign or a 2 piece cardboard stand sign and your shot went through both ends.
Bonus 20 points if said solicitor was working for a charity like the salvation army.
Bonus 5 points if you got kicked out of the venue.
Bonus 10 points if you got your ammo back.

Well, that's all I have time to post.  I'll post some more stuff later on, k?


The thing is, I'd rather use airsoft or paintball for the above. I'd think of some more target shooting ideas though. Try operating and firing a k'nex gun while biking and set up targets around the block. See how fast you can hit each target. Stuff like that.

You'd fire a paintball gun at somebody not wearing protective gear?

I'd rather get shot in the eye with a paintball that a bb, because the damage tends to be more repairable.

not if you get shot in the eye... with either a paintball or a bb, it'd kill you almost instantly...

Lol... The eyes themselves aren't actually vital organs. You'd lose your eye and maybe bleed a bit but you won't actually die unless a large projectile went straight through into your brain. Neither a paintball or bb would probably do that. I doubt a bb would even crush you eyeball. Maybe give you an ulcer but probably wouldn't take your vision entirely. I'd still wear safety goggles obviously.

"Neither a paintball or bb would probably do that." - That's wrong. When i first went paintballing (when i was 11) they said that the main reason that you wear goggles when you're paintballing isn't to protect your eyes, its to protect your brain. He said they travel at an avg of 220 kmh - which is easy enough speed for a paintball (with its hard shell) to completely mess up your brain. I can't speak for bbs though cause i dont have any experience with them. -Barrax-

Actually I don't like paintball but I knew someone would call me out for it if I just mentioned airsoft. I honestly think that paintball is for those muscle heads who think they're macho and it matters because they like bruising each other. And no we play by the rules and always wear at least protective eyewear when we airsoft. If I'd ever fire it at someone not wearing some, I'd aim at their lower torso.


7 years ago

whats a nar?

Not A Rectangle - its a gun. -barrax-


7 years ago

this sounds fun!

its not fun shooting knex at an innocent person outside of a shop

Wow seems fun but i suggest doing it to people about your age that you know so that you don't get arrested.

Let me know when you get arrested for assault.

Have you ever tried any of these before? I think they might be illegal... But they do sound fun!
"Bonus 5 points if you emptied 5 or more shots from your gun before the victim reacted"
I think that should be a point deduction... If they don't react, then you probable aren't hitting them.

Actually no, I consider it a bonus because it takes a lot of effort and the right gun to empty 5 rounds that fast without a full auto motor.

Probably*** (Spelled it wrong)

LOL! XD I know someone that would do this! XD