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2001 volvo v70 t5 air conditioner cuts off while driving. Answered

I have a 2001 volvo v70 t5, and the air conditioner cuts out while driving. When I turn it off for about 10 mins. and turn it back on it will work for a little while.


Take it to someone who knows about these things, like a mechanic.
I see advertisements for (essentially) "we guarantee to fix your air-con' for only £this much", do you see any near you?


Several things come to mind.

Low on freon.

Low or high pressure switch going bad.

Clutch going bad.  Looses magnetism when it gets hot.

Take it somewhere and get it checked out before you end up damaging it more.

Sounds like a problem with the air conditioner compressor or the clutch. Its overheating, so its shutting down on you. After 10 minutes or so, its probably cooled down enough that it'll run for awhile, but I'm sure its doing this continually. You'll have to get it looked at to figure out if it can be repaired or if its cheaper to replace the whole compressor (an auto wrecker may have one with less use).