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2008 Power Beaming Competition Answered

Power beaming is just another way to say solar climbing. This is a competition hosted by The Spaceward Foundation. The end goal is to design a structure that will transport material from Earth into space without using rockets.

The competition requires you to build a climber with the specs that follow:
"net weight is limited to 50 kg [110 lbs], and they must ascend the ribbon at a minimum speed of 2 m/s. [6.6 feet per second] carrying as much payload as possible. A high performance prize will be awarded to teams that can move at 5 m/s. [16.5 fps]"

Remember, this must be solar powered. Doesn't matter who wins this is an interesting engineering project, can't wait to see what people come up with.

Anyone interested?


Oooohhh! I wish I had the money to do this. I would use electromagnets. Like a Mag-lev train.

So its like a giant elevator?

Thats the best thing I think I have ever heard of! You must be a genius!

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It's wierd sounding and at first a similar combo, I was like eugh, no way then I tried and was like Mhhhhmmm

I know, sounds wierd right? You can get cheese with chocolate or coffee in it though and they're nice....

Very interested! Although... it seems like it's pretty much a competition to see who can get their hands on the most efficient solar cells/electrical -> mechanical converters (like a motor). This could be really cool, though! I'd love to try =)

I think I could beat them all with the right materials, no I wont be using any expensive tech if I get round to this, it'll also be able to go faster and lift alot more...


10 years ago

AWESOME! would love to do it if i had money and parts