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2009 Maker Faire Answered

Our presentation booth details for this year's Bay Area Maker Faire has just arrived and all of us here at Instructables are revved up and rearing to go.

We are especially excited that Radioactive_Legos has decided to show off his 48V Electric Bike at our booth; it was a runner-up in the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest.

If you have an awesome project that you have posted to Instructables and would like the chance to show it off without getting your own booth (having your own booth is awesome, but a hefty time commitment - sometimes it's nice to be able to see the Maker Faire!), contact noahw and let him know! We'll probably have room for your project at the Instructables booth, and we'd love to showcase as many cool user projects as we can.

Also! Even though this year's Maker Faire is only now two months away, you still another 10 days to sign up for your very own presentation booth. Sign up at the official Maker Faire website.

Whether you're coming to present your work or gawk, we look forward to seeing you!

... and for those of you on the east coast or in the UK, we have you in our hearts ;-)


Yay! I went to Maker Faire yesterday. I got some kits from Solarbotics, and I made a Metrognome from Sparkfun (yes, it is metrognome, not metronome.) And I got an instructables pin for being a member!

You got a pin for being an AUTHOR. It's an even more rarefied group. I went on Sunday and took a bowl of Gummi Lego. I hung out at the booth for a little while making finger loop braids then wandered around for a few hours. Then I went back to the Instructables booth and talked to folks. The Gummi Lego were a hit - especially with the LegoLand people. I'm in love with a gigantic Wood Burning Steam Tractor. Is that strange?

True, I forgot. The sign did say "Talk to us if you have posted an Instructable." I talked to Randofo. Probably about 50% of the members have never posted any instructables or even comments. I'm not a huge fan of 'steampunk'. I liked the robots and electronic stuff like Arduino.

I like Steampunk, but the tractor isn't Steampunk it's Steam - the real thing. I love historic stuff. A huge, simple, gorgeous, historic machine, with a whistle that can be heard a mile away and is still capable of running under it's own steam - that's true love.

"Run under it's own steam". First time I've used that when it was totally accurate.

I guess it wasn't steampunk, there wasn't any fake stick-on grunge or high-tech electronics hidden behind old fashioned looking brass. Maybe the only reason I didn't like it was because the whistle made me deaf for about five minutes when I was looking at it.

Hahaha. I LOVED that whistle but I saw all the people who worked on the tractor plug their ears before it went off and followed suit.

MAKE's given me a couple of tickets for the Faire, so I'll be going down to San Mateo for Sunday. Do you know yet where will the I'bles booth be located?

Last time they were inside one of the large, open warehouse-type buildings...

Hey, it was good to meet you, and see the bike in person :-) Very cool!

:-) Yeah, pretty much everything is. I was curious about which big hall they'd be in. MAKE says their booth is in Fiesta Hall, near the main entrance from the parking lot.

:( Miss out on the chance to hang out with ibles, go the the faire AND meet Kelsey! Arrrrrrgh!

When will instructables ever come to the UK?

It's already there! You, and Kiteman, and Jake and Hannah, and lots of others. Instructables is the community of members. You all just need to get together at a pub somewhere (it's a tiny little country, how hard can that be? :-).

YAY I met Kelseymh at the Maker Faire. It was incredible.

I mean Eric and his team, lol

But is is hard to meet up with other people, because I am not independent and my parents are very busy with many things, our lives are currently unstable... I can't do much. :-( Other than post instructables and comments, lol.

Hard, when half the UK Instructables are below the drinking age and can't drive. There are perhaps four or five of us with independent means and the ability to go to another city to meet people.

Hey mum, can I have a lift to a pub in Norfolk so I can meet up with a schoolteacher I met on the internet?

In all probability the only time we are likely to meet is at an event like Maker Faire which I sadly couldn't go to- next time there is one in this country I will make time, out of paper and hot glue if necessary, to get to it.

That said, I am moving to a city with a stronger DIY community that might be England's version of the bay area, so will have a look/listen around to see if there are any likely events going on.

ROFLMAO - That's exactly how it is for me. Austin Maker faire is 15 minutes away but I have to give em the slip, cuz being recognized would require some explaining...

May 30 & 31st?

I'll try to go. :D


9 years ago

Poo... cool stuph... so far away... Oh well...

Seattle is a good choice too, so you should sometime be there.

Agreed, lets make our own maker, uhh...something... and invite Squid Labs.

>waits impatiently for Austin Maker<

Would love to see a Lancaster County Maker Faire ;-)

You should start one! I'm sure a lot of people would join you.

I was thinking of trying to have a simple Show n Tell, but it is difficult even in planning it with the uncertainties in my life at the moment...

How about one between Cleveland and Boston.

preferebly closer to Cleveland. Hmmm...

There is Notacon, right in Cleveland. Mitch Altman's gonna drop in and bring his passel of soldering irons, to beef up the hardware-hacking area we already had planned. It's in mid-April, you have no time to waste! You should be working on your entry for the Anything but Ethernet contest right now!

Yeah Sydney would be great! That's about the middle, isn;t it?

Some where between Sydney and Canberra. Do they even have Maker Fair in Australia?

I believe we've discussed this before, but I still suggest Boston.

That is still more driving than I can do at the moment :-)

Thanx for the shoutout for the UK. As you may know we just had our first 2 maker events last weekend, one in Scotland (McMADSAT) which I organised on my own and was really a community get together with 700 public joining in, and one in Newcastle which had the mega-backing of Maker magazine people and so was a really big thing. See my report elsewhere in the community/events list. It was a lot of work to do on my own but definitely worth it if only to show its possible. Happy to discuss further with anyone.

One vote for Baltimore :D