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2013 Accomplishments and 2014 Resolutions! Answered

The New Year is almost here!  Does everyone have awesome plans and resolutions?  How about, what did you accomplish this year; new job, Instructable milestones?  Even sharing a resolution from last year that you accomplished counts!

Nothing is too big or too small to share!

I'll get the ball rolling:

Instructables moved to Pier 9 (pretty sweet!)
Hit 1 Million views (1,037,806, and steadily making it's way up)
Hit 100 Instructables (133 now!)
Posted 52 Instructables

Well, there are a few anyway :)

Work out at least once a week (well, who doesn't have a goal like this)
Reach 200 Instructables (I only need to post 67, seems possible right?)
Get organized (you do NOT want to see my cottage)

I'm sure I'll think of more later!  Your turn!



4 years ago

Coming to this a bit late...

- 1,000,000 views! Only took seven years o_O
- Became a member of the shadowy cabal running Makespace Cambridge
- Learned to use 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC router, manual lathe and various spinny cutty things
- Had something I built mistaken for something I bought
- And various non-making-related things like seeing famous artworks in Italy and learning to rock climb/snowboard

- 3760x1600! Thanks for the new monitor, employers! :)

Things I want to do this year:
- Sell something I make (to someone I don't already know). After seeing table decorations in the restaurant of a 5 star hotel which I could whip up in ten minutes on the laser, and giving a few people gifts which they said they'd pay money for if they saw them in a shop, I'm more optimistic about the possibilities.
- Learn to weld and do more serious metalwork
- Balance work, making and having a life a bit better :)

Re: selling things- where would the people who sell their crafts recommend I start?

Joined Instructables on 01 Sep 2012 on my youngest daughter's birthday. Posted 34 instructables and won 10 contests. Hope to hit one million views in 2014. Planning to post about 25 to 30 instructables this year.

I am retired and got lots of time with me to try my hands on every thing I wished to do earlier

I became much more positive
I created A LOT
I made up my mind about what I want to do in life (at least, I think so...)
I finally opened my Etsy shop
I made my first sale on Etsy!

be even more positive
continue to create a lot
sell more stuff on Etsy and, hopefully, somewhere else too
open my own website
reach 100 instructables
hit 1 million views (very hard, but I AM positive so it's not impossible!)

Of course these are just some of my accomplishments and resolutions, but it'll be interesting to come back here next year and see what was accomplished!

Thank you Nicole! You couldn't have said it better, it really was!!! :D
Yesterday I made my second sale on another site (I opened other 2 shops on different sites) and sold a clock. All this gives me the energy to do more and more! I'm sure you will love doing that too!! :)

Right now I'm using Dawanda and A Little Market. This last one is in Italian and French only, but I remember hearing of more, I will let you know about them when I remember their names :D
Another one is Artesanum which is completely free, but it looks like they don't have an English version of it.

Omg you are right, I forgot to mention that! I knew I would have forgotten something :D


I had my own stand at a maker faire and taught people how to make twisted rings
I became a featured author
I did a (second) gift exchange
I won three contests
I got to meet BrittLiv, Janw, Ynze, Monster-Marit and Masynmachien
I learned to work with 123
I reached 1000 followers
I published 39 instructables

Publish at least 45 instructables (one already made)
Organise a contest
Get another one of those awesome robot t-shirts
Finish all of those projects I have laying around :)

Of course, this is just a summary, 2013 was a long and great year, and I hope 2014 will be even better.

Sounds like you've had a crazy amazing and fun year! I'm sure 2014 is going to be better!

It was a pleasure meeting you! Hopefully we'll have more time next time. I wish you an amazing 2014!

Let's see...

In 2013, I reached four and a quarter million views (I've been here longer than you).

In 2014, I want to reach 200 projects, maybe hit five million views, and I want/hope to start my own business. (There, I've said it out loud, that makes it just a little more likely to happen...)

Congrats and that sounds awesome! I've been wanting to at least start selling things on Etsy but then I just get so lazy! Good luck with your own business!

Come on Nicole, I want to see your Etsy shop!! :D
I was just like you, I think I opened an account on Etsy a year before opening my shop...I kept telling myself that I had to do it but I was too lazy and probably a little scared too since I never did anything similar. But believe me, once it's open everything is easier :)

@kiteman good luck for your business!! :)

A mix of things, but centred around lasercutting workshops for schools and groups that can't afford to buy their own.

- I was an Artist In Residence in Instructables.
- I learned 123D Design and how to use a 3D Printer.
- I made some cool projects.
- I represented my country Colombia in Autodesk's giant map of makers in the Maker Faire.
- I met the Mythbusters... twice!
- I visited Pixar Studios.
- I got a lot of amazing friends on Instructables and Autodesk. I MISS YOU GUYS!
- I traveled the Bay Area.
- I became a full time Whovian.
- My family is united and with good health... and they are proud of me!
- My new job made me to travel around Colombia. Now I know better mu beautiful country.
- Did I mention I got a job in a famous company that produces the best bulletproof, fireproof, anti-electric, anti-riot an anti-stab vests and casual wear in Colombia? Even we have demined suits!
- And, the most important thing: now I know who I am!

- Get a beautiful, fantastic and geek girlfriend, the REAL love of my life. And don't let her go of my side.
- Return to Instructables. For good.

- reached 1.5 M views (mostly from the back catalog)
- got a scientific paper published based on one of my projects (weirdly enough, my only unfeatured one)

- try to publish another half dozen ibles, and get my draft/finished ratio down below 1 (ha!)
- start making stuff as a more social thing
- make & sell some cube dressers

* Pay off 7k worth of debt. (I got a 9m job opportunity that will bring in at least 1k in extra money each month).
* Learn a foreign language. I need to learn some Arabic, but I would like to be fluent in Indonesian. I know enough Korean to get a discount at the Cleaners. (lol)
* Get more physically fit. Specifics; run 5 miles in 45 min, be able to do 82 pushup at once, and 78 situps.
* Do another 1/2 marathon.

Those sound good, but may I ask why such a specific number of press-ups and sit-ups?

I've learned sooo much about making/crafting and made a lot of things!
Posted 51 ibles,
Won 10 contests (here) so far and all of them in 2013 :D
Started a local handmade jewelry business and it's going pretty good,
Finally decided to do my further studies on Forensic Anthropology (I really hope it comes true!),
I've become more confident and inspired than I ever was (Thanks to instructables!),

Post over a 100 ibles!
Like most others, hit 1 million views! (that's a tough one!),
Never stop creating and sharing......
...... and sooo much more...

HaPpY NeW YeAr EveRyOne! 

- Passed all my exams
- Found an awesome job
- Reached a Million
- Won 13 contest
- Got a 3D printer!!

- Finish my Master's thesis in Chemical engineering by the middle of March
- Move in with my boyfriend
- Move back to the North, but keep in touch with my friends
- Post more instructables (at least one a month)
- Hopefully make it to SF

Happy New Year!

Love this topic and everyone's stories!


4 years ago

Hummm... 2014 sounds fun! :D

Learned a lot from ibles (best site on Earth!)
Won the championship title - National Robotics Competition
Won 2 ible contests
Made up my mind for my collage course
Got my funds for more projects :D
Build speakers & robots

Build more speakers :)
Blow up more stuff!
Learn more projects
Less games more projects
Build a phone controlled FPV quadcopter
Volunteer for rescue operations (w/quadcopter)
Focus more on Arduino projects
DIY Makey Makey & Launchpad
Study hard for collage
Happy New Year Everybody!

A little about me : I have grown up on a rough estate in my hometown , I didn't progress much in school. Thats my upbringing and the boring bits.
However now 24 yrs of age , I have settled down.
Achievements this year :
- married my awsome wife

- passed mathmatics (level one and two)
- passed English (level one)
- got accepted on my engineering diploma

Resolution ,
Make the most of what I have now , to provide an awsome future for my Family.

Hit 4 million views
Helped publish 2 DIY books
Won the Halloween contest amidst stiff competition
Immigrated to San Francisco

Melt another microwave
Pass 200 published projects
Not break any of the expensive toys at Pier 9
Make more videos of projects