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2014 Halloween Postcards -en route Answered

Trick or treat! 

Halloween is a celebration of DIY costumery, candy consumption, and pumpkin butchery. Every year, we send out postcards to as many people as possible to mark our favorite holiday. We're doing it again this year. Last year we sent approximately 3000 cards. This year, we'd like to send even more. (Looks like 3,780 so far. I expect some attrition, though.)

Since you've requested to receive a postcard, you've already commented here before Friday October 10th. We've sent you an address request through our prize claim system. We're also sending a special prize pack with a new limited-edition Halloween t-shirt to 10 randomly selected people from the comments below.

Happy Halloween, and we're looking forward to seeing your Halloween projects!

Halloween cards are on their way to a mailbox near you! Depending on your address, you ought to receive your postcard before Friday. (Later if you are in Albania, Azerbaijan, or further afield than North America.) Later still if you reside in Middle Earth where the orcs devour 7/8ths of all mail and 100% of captured mail carriers.


Last year, I hand signed every single card we mailed out -- around 5000 of them. I'm sorry to say I can't keep up and won't be signing them this year. My wrists still hurt from last year! I'm sure your Halloween will be ghoulish nonetheless, and I look forward to your costumes!

Thank you Eric for the autograph! I save all of my cards and totally appreciate your hand signed card. I don't think I could have been so dedicated to have signed 5000 cards, whew and ouch! You and the team are awesome! Hope your year shines!


For what it's worth, I still have all your signed cards from the past few years....


3 years ago

My postacdr just arrived, thanks!

Still Waiting for Postcard :/ , no delivery yet.

Depending where you are it could take weeks, I am still waiting for mine too but I am on the other side of the world to where Instructables is.


3 years ago

You aren't supposed to put your details on a forum post, you should get a PM with a form to fill out.

I just found this today! if you are still collecting names i would love a postcard (its okay if its late!)

I'd be honoured to have one inbox! Thanks :D

But maybe I missed limited-edition Halloween t-shirt

Happy Halloween to all :-)

Ahhhh, I missed the deadline! :P

Hi, sorry I'm late. Can I still get a postcard. I love getting them every year! Thanks!


3 years ago

Yes please :-)

All I have to do is leave a comment? That's it?

I really appreciate the hand signed card I received last year, Eric.That is truly, dedication.The sticker is cute too.:) It was exciting to receive something from Instructables in the mail. Please put me on the list. Thanks so much :)

i want a Halloween postcard pls .. Desperately

I would love a postcard! I never get anything in the mail. I love that Instructables puts forward the effort for gestures like this. :D Cheers!

I thought I missed this year. There really should be an event name for getting the postcard. I become six again checking the mail and when it finally arrives it goes on my wall as a point of pride and instigating taking things apart and creating! Hallocard, maybe?

I'd love a postcard! and it doesn't even have to be hand signed - maybe someone can create an auto signer to sign 10+ at a time maybe? I'm more into artistic instructables but all the wonderful folks here I bet one could figure out a way?

After watching ewilhelm cramp up last year, we considered creating a Signature Robot. But we determined that it would be misused to approve randofo's purchase of a payload-capable drone to rain pizzas onto the Mission.

Hmmmm, you are probably right in retrospect that would of course cause the need for a pizza box use competition followed by a weird repeat of the Godfather Sound-alike Party which to wit completely freaks me out! Hence the word "repeat", uh, don't ask, except I will say "yes it involved a college and maybe midterms..." you are very right not to meddle in the affairs of the pizza delivery.... better to focus my energies on why, people like myself, who live in the middle of no-where are unable to have pizzas delivered, when they had a Chicago style pizza delivered to the M.A.S.H. 4077! That is a more reasonable use of cellular matter at least the grey or gray parts...


3 years ago

So maybe instead of a signature it could be a thumb print?

Even worse! Then we could all sneak into Eric's top secret subterranean volcano lair/iPhone.

What about a toe print then? surely he doesn't use his toes to access top secret information!

I'd be honoured to have one! Thanks :D

Happy Halloween to all :-)


I'll take a postcard!

I'd love a postcard! (And I apologize if this posted several times! I'm having some problem commenting lately?)

I'd love to receive a postcard! Thanks guys :)

Everyone loves to get mail. Count me in!

wow I get tired just writing on my home work I don't think I could ever do that i would probaly stop at just 10

I love your vamp Robot! Would be great to receive a postcard from you, as I want to draw a mural at home, it could be really inspiring!

Being that I ave gotten one for the past three years I would love to get another.

I love robots and my kid loves monsters. A postcard would be a super cool Halloween surprise for him!

I always love getting a Halloween card from instructables!

Can instrctableRs from Europe participate as well? It would be great to receive a postcard!! :)

Absolutely. We'll send them to every continent but Antarctica. (Unless we actually have Antarctic readers, in which case we'll send to that tiny British postal station and they can pick it up.)

ahah no worries, I'm from Italy!! :D Thank you very much!!

My uncle Marron was stationed in Antarctica for a while. From his stories, I'd love to visit it someday. There are actually some really beautiful places there.

Thank you Insttuctables, that is a really cool because I love postcards! I recently backed a postcard from Japan kickstarter, signed up for Postcrossing, and Redditgifts allowed be to sign up for 20 rematches for their Postcard exchange. So this is really epic to me, as I've been trying to get more involved in Instructables.

I'd love to have a postcard! :3

This will the first year I'm receiving the card. Cant wait to find one in my mail box.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Thank you for the Halloween Cards. Look forward to them every year.

I can't wait to see this years card!

Long time reader, but it's been a while since I logged in, I would love a post card :D

It's always exciting getting mail, especially when its not junk mail or bills! Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!!!