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21 Years Old Today Answered

Would you believe it fellow K'nexers I have finally really reached that age of 21. I've been a member of this website for many years and it has become a new chapter in my life and it has grown on me very much since I have been using what time I have to bring you my reviews and instructions. Ever since I joined instructables, you may have thought why I do all this and the reason is because it is something that I do as a hobby and although it take some time to create new instructables, it is always worth the time and effort whether it it's a review or instructions. Now I can be 100% honest and say that I ain't the most popular Instructabler for K'nex but for those that do build my creations and support me, thank you I really do appreciate it. I will be continuing on with my instructables even at my age but then again you are never to old to do anything.  


happy b-day man check out my forum post im making the most powerful homem made gauss rifle to this date i would enjoy your ideas for the case modeling but im in the process of getting a 3d rinter ps: a year ago i made a house out of those blocks (to burn with a flamethrower sadly)

Feliz cumpleanos amigo! I have no idea how to add the correct punctuation, and I apologize for my late comment, but congrats and best wishes!

Well, Happy Birthday! ( a little late )

Like KILLERK said, you are never to old to play with K'nex. I'm 20 right now, and I'll be turning 21 next April. So I'm in the same boat you are.

I think it's a common misconception that toys are for younger kids. Younger kids seem to be aimed more toward technology now and realistically it's young adults that know how to play without a video game.

Just my thought, K'nex inspired my career choice which I'm still studying for so again, you're never to old for K'nex. Build and enjoy!

Thanks Jonny, you are right about never being to old to play with K'nex since there are people out there that are much older than me that still play with old toys from their generation when they were young at that time of year and a lot of pople would agree with what you said.

your birthday is one day after mine :-)

happy birthday!

Featured in spite of the aggressive use of italics.

HQ supports you and all K'NEXers over the site minimum age of 13. Hope your birthday was a pleasant one, and keep making stuff and sharing it. Six years at Instructables is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks for sticking with us for so long.


3 years ago

To be honest, I was under the impression th at you were around the age of 14. I can see I was way off. Happy birthday regardless haha

Thanks Didexo, we all done that thing where we guess somebody age and it was a wrong guess but at the same it is funny when they react.

happy birthday! never too old to have fun!

Happy birthday 'mon ami'! I'm still 14...lol, quite young. Try making some working guns, and you might become more popular, I guess.

Thanks Akshat, but like I said before I like making models that don't shoot but I'm very sure someone out there can make them shoot.

Welcome to the 21 club. Glad to see adults that don't quit K'nexing. The most mature thing someone can do is not feel insecure about their age.

Only on the internet can "six years" count as "many years"!

Happy birthday, youngling!