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24 x 24 LED Matrix Project Answered

I would like to share with you all an awesome project and some doubts and questions related to the same.
This is a 24 x 24 LED Matrix project taken from here.

All the data is taken from the same link.

24×24 LED dot matrix


This is pretty old circuit but I found it interesting to describe here.

24×24 LED display is formed by using 9 8×8 Dot LED matrix displays, that are connected to AT90S2313 MCU. MCU scans an indicator lines in series. Special PC program is written which allows drawing images on screen and transfer them via COM port to device. You can send images in series what gives an animation effect.


Circuit is was built using obsolete AT90S2313 MCU which can be replaced by Attiny2313 MCU with minor modifications of firmware.

To make program work you event don’t need to connect device to computer COM port. You can store images in other master MCU EEPROM memory Each received byte from UART is immediately sent to 8 LEDs, second byte to next 8 LEDs and so on. Bytes has to be sent one by one without delay. USART is working at 115200 baud, 8bits, no parity.

>1>I really dont know if the circuit is good or not tell me if it is going to work.
>2>I cant get 8x8 dot matrix displays so i am going to normal leds to a 24x24 one.
>3>I have never worked with bus before (the bold red lines in the circuit) so i dont know how to connect it.
>4>The schems are segmented i am finding it hard to figure out how to connect some of the segments.
>5>Also i need to know how to hook it up to my pc.
>6>I have never done programming so i need to know how to program the ic.


I couldnt get the images uploaded nicely so i linked them.




Look up the LED instructables that do "charlieplexing". That's the technique to deal with lighting up matrices. Good luck.

i dont know much about programming and designing circuits. the other guys on instructables have got small matrixes so i wont be able to make a bigger one and programme. so i thought of making this one as he has also provided the source code. so if someone can resolve my problems that will be helpful.

actually m just a hobbyist and create circuits.i am just in 10th grade.only ohm'S Law till now.:-)

I just wanted to make the point, well several, as you will learn, if there is something you want to make, try different approaches or smaller steps and do use that experience to build up your knowledge. Put in charlieplexing in the search box. There are many good instructables that detail the basics of LEDs and micro controllers/how to program such as an arduino or other single chips. You need to understand how lighting up 3 LEDs work before you can understand how a matrix of 2x2 leds work let alone jumping into a 24x24 matrix and even reading that the circuit uses an obsolete chip. No one will really give an effort to think about that. Plenty of people are willing to help but you presented us with a classic "noob" user question. Welcome to Instructables.

i like the way you wrote Welcome To The Instructables.

Maybe you are right and should go on to the basics first.

Ok I'll give it a go.

Actaully i was also thinking that the circuit is a bit too complex and costly.
and with the obsolete chip its a no no.

Thank You

That crosses off my "fix a noob" on my Saturday list.

Stick around, it's fun here and you learn a lot.