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24v motor 250w will it pull a bike? Answered

It is a 24VDC 250W 3000RPM motor will it pull a bike?


There are too many variables to put into account you need to put down more specifications torque is very important.

I'm going to probably get a 36v 1000w motor!

I just had a look at electric scooter parts and at 36V 1000W's seems to be as big as they get it should work great judging by that. Electric bikes use 200-500w's but they can't accelerate the bike only keep it going after you've peddled first 1000w's should be able to accelerate it.

Do you think a 36v 750w would pull a bike with out having to peddled?

If you gear it correctly yes, I am sure you will need to give it a bit of a kick of with your feet though.

Yeh they have bike kits that are 36v and 48v but their in hub motors!

With suitable gearing yes - Your going to have the potential for 20 - 30 MPH - BUT you will need good streamlining.


Depends on the size of the wheels, and how you gear the motor to them.