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2.8"TFT display on Arduino Mega Answered

My name is Leo van Staveren from the Netherlands.

I have followed the instructables to apply a 2.8"TFT display with my arduino Mega.

I got the UTFT into my library files. However as a ZIP file, which my IDE asked for.

After uploading the sample (step 4) of the instructable, my display remains blanc.

What I noticed on my display board, was that the Rs,Wr,Cs,Rst fit the analog inputs 2,1,3,4.

So I changed this in my sketch but unfortunately without result.

What did I de wrong??


I found that if you go to youtube, you can get how to do this.

with the Arduino and Mega2560 board.


I'll have a look Frank, thks


There is no issues with using the analog in pins as digital inputs.