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2D motion tracking help? Answered

I'm trying to utilize 2D motion tracking as seen here. I want to track a 2D image or video onto a wall. So far, I have used Autodesk Matchmover to track a scene and add a 3D test sphere into the scene. However, I just want to import my own 2D image/video. 

There are dozens of tutorials for Apple Motion and After Effects but I don't have those.
I have access to:
Windows 7
Premier Elements
Autodesk Matchmover

I also have access to most Autodesk's newest software. 

Any help from an experienced user would be greatly appreciated.


I've already been through these tutorials and they only explain 3D tracking.

all "tracking" is generally done in three dimensions... for 2D stuff you can just keyframe the video into place on your wall. Premiere is likely the program you would want for that on PC.