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3 D Printing of BODY PARTS !!!!! Answered

Scientists Use 3D Printer to Create First “Printed” Human Vein

Brit Liggett
Scientists Use 3D Printer to Create First “Printed” Human Vein
by Brit Liggett, 03/22/10
filed under: Design for Health

3D Printing technology has recently leapt into a new realm — we’ve seen printers that can create entire buildings out of stone, delicious meals out of simple ingredients, and now — perhaps weirdest and coolest of them all — a printer that can build body parts from cells!


Body Part Printer LINK

ANOTHER LINK to another more familiar site....



brb, gotta print out my science experiment :D

Yep, right up you're alley, but not in your vein of work ;-D

Aahh haa, FUNNY.

...actually, that was genius XD

Is this the part where they re-create Mila Jojovitch and wrap here in tape? I love that part... for purley scientific reasons of course.

I need a spare of a part of my body, but I wil not tell you which of them...

Oooo, don't let Lithium Rain hear you say that LOL

Hey, I posted for purely the science portion of the article....printing veins is cool...