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3 Month Pro Membership? Answered

So I got a free 3 month pro membership from my Instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Revive-Dead-Highlighters/, being featured. But then I got another email saying that I got another free 3 month pro membership. So when my first3 month pro membership expires, will I be able to use the other 3 month pro membership or do they both count as 1 3 month pro membership all together?


The easiest answer to you question is to look at the codes that were given to you...

If the codes are exactly the same, then it means the second email you got is just a duplicate of the first (and you probably didn't need to get it). In which case you only have ONE 3 month Pro membership.

If the codes are different, then it means you were given TWO 3-month Pro memberships, in which case, you can redeem the codes after the first 3 months expire and enjoy another 3 months of Pro.

Let me know if you have any questions. ;)

When I check the two emails I got, they have the same gift code. However, the two emails are different. One is for being featured and one is for being on the homepage. So do I have ONE 3-Month Pro membership or TWO 3-Month Pro membership?

Then you only have ONE 3-Month Pro membership. (sorry).

Generally, you get ONE 3-Month Pro Membership for being featured. Then if you get featured to the homepage, you get a second email that gives you a different redemption code, and the reward is for ONE Year Pro Membership (not 3 months).

Sometimes they make mistakes... or the system sends you 2 emails for the same feature. I've been sent 2 completely different looking emails, for the same feature, and both emails had the same codes. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean you get 3 months X 2. The codes MUST be different in order for the system to accept them.

Your free memberships run consecutively.

When your current 3 month membership expires, the next 3 month membership will kick in automatically.

You don't need to do a thing. ;-)


6 years ago

You could almost think of them as "Instructables money". You can transfer the memberships to someone else or save them up for yourself. You can only use one at a time but they don't expire or grow stale sitting in the piggy bank. The one thing they don't do is get you interest, They will send you a notice when one is about to expire.

You'll be able to use it after your current 3 month membership expires.

You can also go ahead and go to http://https://www.instructables.com/go/pro and enter the new code if you like, and it'll automatically come into effect when the other expires. That's what I do so I don't have any gaps in pro-ness. :)