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3-channel RGB LED Color Organ Answered

Pretty much I want to make a 3-channel color organ and hook it up to a single RGB LED. I'm really not used to analog electronics, but I'm pretty sure this could be achieved with a single quad op amp IC. Seeing as I would much rather trust your guys' expertise over my lack of said knowledge, I thought I'd ask the experts. I did get a schematic in Multisim, but I'm really not sure about the functionality.


I designed a very simple battery powered color organ available only as a kit or prebuilt from JD&J products. The kit price is $30 plus shipping and the finishe is $37 Plus shipping. If you are interested call the number below. This cheap and extremely simple color organ is waiting for you.

If you wish to contact me, call me at 1-630-532-7657

I too would be very interested. I have an acrylic guitar that I want to light up. Space is an issue so the smaller the better. You can contact me by email at bluesman(at)coffcraft(dot)com if you're still into this.