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3-d modeling? Answered

hey everybody some of you might know i like paper craft and i saw this one http://visualspicer.com/v1/freedom-gundam/ gundam model out of paper and i was wondering if its possable to take picture or something and then make it into a 3d model and then put it to a pdo file



Best Answer 7 years ago

Not an easy task. Someone spent a ton of time making the drawing for that. You can make 3d drawings out of photographs but not something that complicated.

well if you watched the video with you will see he made a plastic model of it and then showed a 3d model on a computer

Okay I watched the video. It's a very detailed paper model to be sure.

But to my knowledge there is no way to take photographs of something this complicated and generate a 3d model that will then output patterns for paper.  Not atleast without alot of hand drafting to get the parts to fit together.

If he laser scanned the plastic model that would give him a roughish 3d model of a single solid object but the computer software has no way of telling which planes go to which parts of the model.

Anyway what I'm saying is that even with the software that is available there still has to be alot of operator time and effort put into it.