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3 inches of pain Answered

Does anyone remember Gattaca? Well that movie explored the possibility of limb extensions in a fantastic manner. Apparently there's a vanity medical procedure to do this called Limb Lengthening. I'm not sure if anyone in the US does it, but for 100,000+ dollars you can add a few painful inches to your legs in Cairo.

This procedure seems reasonable for midgets, or other deformities but for people 5'6" you'd think that this surgery is pure vanity. But that may not be true, a survey of CEO's of fortune 500 companies shows that they are on average ~6' tall. Another research study that followed thousands of people from birth to adulthood shows that an inch of height above the average of 5' 9" is approximately equal to a salary increase of $789 a year.

What do you think? Is this vain, or a good way to get around prejudice against average/short people.

via:boingboing.net and http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_6838



10 years ago

Has anyone studied the effect of height on the career earnings of WOMEN? I'm curious to know whether the gender disadvantage outweighs the height disadvantage. signed, 4'11" & Female

You said: "Another research study that followed thousands of people from birth to adulthood shows that an inch of height is approximately equal to a salary increase of $789 a year."
What does that mean? Lets assume I am 68"... so should I get a 53652$ raise each year?!

Yeah, sorry buddy, but it's an inch above average. So if you're 6'8".... umm you should get a $8679 bonus each year. But if you're 68" you're below average and well... : \ ; P -bg

For Canada, 5'8" isnt so far below average, apparently (as my ego kicks in...). That would be if I was a guy. Being a girl, I apparently make a lot less to start. However, it would be interested to see if the height-vs-income thing holds for women anyway, or if other attributes ;-) are more important.

You just parsed it wrong - it's not a yearly increase. It's referring to the difference in yearly income between people of different height. I.e. the average income for a 68" person is $789 greater than the average income of a 67" person.

Is someone clearing out his image library? ;-)


10 years ago

Oh! It's leg extensions! That's pretty dumb. It might be because I'm 6'1", but if you're short, get stilts.

You mean Gattaca. I love that movie, one of my faves. I don't think i wanna get taller in that fashion...

Yeah, you're right with the c. /me laughs It's such an inspiration to watch that movie. I was at SFO airport yesterday and I saw the clearpass biometric ID booth and started to get irritated. Let's hope the future can still have as much hope as Gattaca envisioned (I worry).

I do to... But unless we get the environment cleaned up, we'll only have global starvation to worry about, and not genetic superiority...