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3 months free. Just tell me what happened. Answered

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Just tell me. What mighty force of nature crushed this water tank?


I could bet it got warmed by the sun.....the escape valve allowed pressure to escape, but when it cooled overnight, it imploded ?

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Great, another one that doesn't read the instructions. You can sit next to me.

Well, real x-rays do not go through metal well anyways, so I figured yours was a kind of a non-answer ;-)

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kilopascal ? maybe uPa 
You need a lot of vacuum to achieve the higher strengths ;-)

BTW the only education I've had beyond High School is what I've been able to read on my own :-)

Wow! I would have thought that any valves or seals on the tank would give way before this happened.

"Just tell me. What mighty force of nature crushed this water tank?"

Chuck Norris.

Superman and his x-ray vision?

It was sealed and the gas in it got very cold over night, so it became more dense. Therefore, it needed less space, and a vacuum was created in the area that it didn't need any longer. The vacuum was too powerful for the tank, and made the tank shrink to accommodate. After shrinking enough, the vacuum was small/ weak enough to not pull on the tank too much any more, because the gas only shrank to a certain extent. When the tank walls reached that extent, it was again able to hold it's shape, and now exists as it does.

Close, but I'm in a very good mood and shall give you and dombeef both a free 3 months.

What actually happened is, the tank was full of water, the valve broke and the water flowed out the bottom and air had no way to get in, this created a pressure differential and the atmospheric pressure crushed it.

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That's very cool. So it was just the weight of the water coming out that created enough of a vacuum to crush the tank?

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That is very odd, i would have never thought of that happening!

This is not a crushed water tank!
The Jolly Green giant got a tooth ache in the middle of eating a giant pea, and had to run to the dentist.
It is not a crushed water tank!
It is a sleeping bag for a person with very long legs.
It is not a crushed water tank!
It is a hybrid caterpillar.
It is not a crushed water tank!
It is a shoe mold for godzilla

Cool, my class did a small project like that, except controlled The water or what ever in it boiled and let most of the air out, some one then stupidity capped off the end and over night it cold and the gas of te liquid condensed and it put pressure on the outside, thus causing it to crunch pro...

Pro... Was ment to be a few lines down, the website must not like my ipod...

Human stupidity?


I hope it wasn't TUA's first day on the job.