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3 phase to 240v? Answered

i have a sauna heater Voltage: 380~400 V 3N~ is there any well of wiring it up to 240v 



You must look into the heart of your sauna heater to discover its true structure.

You must use your multimeter to probe its hidden depths.

You must ponder what currents may flow under the influence of voltage.

Only after you have done these things, will the (heating) elements of your sauna heater speak to you, and inform you of the kind of (electrical) power they desire.

+1 LOL! Love that explanation! I have been enlightened [levitating with bright light behind me and fog like an angle w/ holy music!]

Well I assumed OP was seeking enlightenment, rather than just another way to make hot water.

Or maybe I was having trouble visualizing the problem myself. I mean three-phase loads usually look like three smaller loads, wired in delta-shaped network, or a Y-shaped network.

But which parts of the network are available for rewiring?

Is this sauna heater made from three discrete heating elements? Or is it all entombed in some sort of unbreakable waterproof package?

There are a lot of things to ponder, and I think some of that mental labor must necessarily be performed by the original poster.


3 years ago

If your human roster is wired like these coils then there is a way to change the wiring to 240v 3phase. Open the wiring box and see if there are 9 or 10 jumper points for an electrician to play with.

Alternately .... why not just try to run it on 240 voltage .... you can't harm simple heater coils on a lower voltage.

We do need to know a bit more information on your sauna to help !


That must be an awfully powerful heater. What's the power rating ?

It has 3 setting on the knob, : roast, broil and incinerate.