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3 wheeler small radio control unit help please Answered

I am adapting a 1:6 scale motorcycle and sidecar for one of my GI Joe/Action Man figures.     I would like to put a 3 wheel radio control unit in the sidecar base so that when attached to the motorcycle it drives the combination.     I expect someone has made or adapted a 3 wheeler for this type of use but I can't find one anywhere.     Any help will be very much appreciated.    I've attached a picture of the motorcycle to show some of the upgrades I have already made (the lights are LEDs with an on/off switch in the side panel and coin cell in the pannier).    Thanks for looking, Bern


Thank you for your reply. I was thinking of a single motor with spindle either side to drive the sidecar wheels (as I can add a second wheel between the sidecar and the motorcycle). Then have a small servo to turn a third wheel at the front of the sidecar. Maybe linking this directional wheel (e.g. via a small rod) to the front mudguard of the motorcycle? As this will only ever be a toy to be used on flat surfaces such as carpet a small amount of drift etc won't be an issue. I'm using this project to teach myself about creating small lighting circuits and RC drive systems as well as improve my model making skills so trial and error are all part of the fun hence the green garden wire as the rear brake arm and chunky looking spoke mounts. :)

Without making major mods to the bike that would destroy the look of it there isn't much you can do beyond making it move forward and back wards. Everything needed can be concealed in the side car but you'll only have a single motor going and the bike will tend to drift.