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3 "working" microphones not working on any of my two computers? Answered

This is the weirdest thing ever.

It's my laptops internal mic, a 5$ mic and a 15$ mic I just bought a couple of hours ago.

My main assumption is they are buzzing so much that my voice is being cancelled off by my computers. On the 15$ i can hear very loud buzzing and even my voice over it. But on the other two absolutely nothing.

Thinking it was a grounding issue I tried taking my laptop everywhere in my house, but the results are the same.

They appear to work fine in a distance from the building I live in. Is my house cursed or what?


When you say "in a distance" do you mean when you're powered from the batteries?

If so, and if you've already confirmed that your AC is ok, your power adapter/wall-wart may be failing (A diode in the bridge may be failing, allowing some undesired VAC into your system through the DC supply). I'd recommend checking or having your power adapter checked as soon as possible and replacing if required.

In a distance as in, in someone else's house. I tried cutting off the power in the whole house and it still doesn't seem to work. Could there be something other than the power in the house disrupting the mics?

As Steve suggests, possibly a bad ground in your home. (although I thought you said already you'd checked that)

It's also possible that you're experiencing someone else's problem, due to EMI interference, especially if you've literally shut off power to your home to test. Are you anywhere near

a) high tension power lines

b) some sort of commercial concern with industrial motors

c) radio transmitters

Personally, I have ongoing problems with a police repeater located about ~150 yards from my house on a telephone pole down a smallish hill that puts the repeater directly inline with my home's first floor. Back when I used the antenna for TV, I routinely had interruptions from police calls, and my cell reception is pretty awful, about 1 bar inside my home and yard, but once I drive around the corner it's fine. Not the same, I know, but illustrative of one of many issues that can affect us.

Well, 3 days ago my mics were working better than an 18 year old pornstar. I can't tell what's causing this disruption. Nothing new has been installed to my eyes. I was wondering if there is anyway to deflect the tampering signal so I could yell at people in my DotA team properly when they're doing stupid things.

I suppose if you have a large sheet of steel, you could ground it, then position it in various ways around the mic to see if you're being irradiated by an external RFI source. (Total PITA)

If you have a scope, you could check the line voltage for conducted noise.

Have you checked operation on battery power vs powered by the wall wart?

This perhaps is not going to help (as you say the mics work away from the house), however, could you please try adjusting a few settings on your recording settings. If your laptop is a PC is it running windows 7 or 8? If so could you right click the speaker icon near the clock, select recording devices, double click the microphone device and select the enhancements tab and check the disable all sound effects (this will turn off noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation) - you could also try slecting the levels tab and setting the microphone boost to +10.0 dB or 20 or 30 (just test the mics at the different level settings). Anyway, I would be interested if that helps. Or perhaps your house is actually cursed.

Well it's common sense that it's the first thing i tried. I have my mic boost on 30dB, the noise suppression still cancels out my old mic but with the 15$ my voice is very quiet and noisy but it "somewhat" works.

Another interesting point is that not all applications taking microphone input are reacting the same way, some don't catch my voice at all, some catch only the noise and some my voice over the noise. On most recording apps, when i start recording i'm terribly quiet but 5 seconds in I sound like Bon Jovi. My house is definately cursed.