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3 year old explains Star Wars in 90 seconds Answered

This is just too cute. The video is of a 3 year old little girl explaining Star Wars very entertainingly. She mentions "a garage sale, but with robots" and explains that "the shiny guy always worries". Oh, and she warns not to mess with Darth Vader - he'll get ya!

As she says, it's an exciting movie.

I must admit to having never seen any Star Wars (so I can't vouch for its accuracy) - but hey, after watching this video, I don't need to! :D


That's so cute, all my kids are gonna get that drilled into them.

Haha, silly shiny guy, always worrying ! "never seen any Star Wars" i dont know if i have seen them all or not, i think nerds over hype how good they are. Indiana Jones > Star wars !!!

Oh... Your math is a little off I believe, because Star Wars < Indiana Jones. Unless you meant it as in Indiana Jones gets eaten by an alligator... ---<=|=|=>"< >-|-o} NOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!

Lol, "don't talk back to darth vadar!"

Did she say he has to block the pokeballs?


9 years ago

It's an exciting movie! (:

This was so cute! I'd like to think I was like that at her age, but it was more that I was absolutely in love with Luke, and I thought he was going to come visit me.

it actually is about 75 seconds HA!

Use his light up sword to block the pokeball!

Awwwww. :-) :-) "Obi Kenobi makes stuff move sometimes..."

Yep. That's it basicly. The shiney guy. lol