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30-day project: A drawing every day Answered

Inspired by Ed's post on "30-day projects", I decided to jump in: I'll make a drawing every day. I enjoy drawing a lot, but I rarely take the time or opportunity to do it. So, thanks to Ed, here I go.

I started on Aug. 12, so the 30th drawing will be posted shortly after Sept. 11. To make it a little easier for myself, I made up some "rules":
  1. In thirty days, 30 drawings must be made
  2. Skipping one day is allowed, but the drawing that wasn't made must be made on another day within the 30 days.
  3. I cannot skip drawing on two consecutive days.
  4. A drawing is made on a A3 sized sheet of plain paper
  5. I use pencils and/or  black fineliners to draw with

I must only obey the first three rules. I allow myself to diverge from the other rules if I feel like it.

I'll post pics of the drawings here, starting with the first five days. Feel free to comment on the pics (or to give me a subject)!

(for aesthetic reasons only, I switched the pics of day 1 and 2 :-))


Awesome! Although, I'd like to insist on doing it every single day. If you start to give yourself an out it'll keep expanding until you've just quit. It's also nicer to look back and see that you did it every day. It's especially important to do it on days you don't want to at all.

Looks like you're having fun! You should check out a book called Rapid Viz. It's a pretty cool book on drawing.

Hey, that's a neat project. I'm into cartooning, so I might do a cartoon a day project... you've inspired me!

Drop a line if you start!


6 years ago

New drawings added :)

it's pretty hard to keep this up, but satisfying as well once a drawing is done. Fungus Amungus is very right about sticking to the rule to make_a_drawing_every_day_! Skipping a day is a big step on a very slippery road. Catching up is even harder (on my discipline) than just doing it every day. I must confess here (blush) that I broke my own unbreakable rule of never skipping two consecutive days :s. And boy, was I punished. Now, I'm still one drawing behind schedule, I catched up only one day yet. But I'm going to make 30 drawings in 30 days, for sure :)

About the drawings: Quality is a bit precarious, as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, it can't be sunday every day. And before you start: I messed up the perspective on the wings of Superflynze, I know... Maybe I'll fix it in Photoshop one day :)


6 years ago

Nice project :)