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3.3V to 3V - Power a GameBoy Color from USB Answered

I want to power my GameBoy Color using the USB port. It needs 3V ( 2 AA batteries). I found a voltage regulator, that puts out 3V, but it does not seem to be available in Germany. But there are loads of 3.3V regulators. So I wonder, how I could use one of those. Is it possible to simply put a resistor in row (if yes, what value would be suitable?) or is it a bit more complicated?


I'm not sure if the 0.3V too much would fry it. Of course 0.3V aren't much, but often microcontrollers and processors are very sensitive to overvoltage. I definitely need a cheap GBC from eBay :D

dont worry, it'll be fine. Fresh AA= 1.6 volts, so 3.2 volts, I really thing 3.3 volts will be fine, besides, most micro controllers like that run on 3.3 volt nominal

Indeed, I remember some batteries, that had 1.6V, when they were new. Maybe I should just try it. But first I need the parts :)

just hook the 3.3 straight up, it'll work fine

just double check its actually outputing 3.3