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3,5mm male stereo mini plug source and quality query Answered

hello folks,

my son keeps bending the wires of all his headphones, causing them to start cutting out in either one or both channels (and now he has done it on one of my nice sets of headphones).  i was wondering if anyone could recommend a place where i can buy them in quantity.  my other question is whether there have been any improvements made in the ease of soldering.  i would think that so many headphones go bad at the jack, probably by pulling, that someone would have invented an "easy-solder" jack.  given that isn't the case, maybe a recommendation could be made on at least a sturdy plug with some sort of stress relief built in?  the large quarter inch stereo plugs used to come with spring coils.

thanks for any suggestion, recommendations, comments, etc!



7 years ago

The jack or the plug? It's usually the plug wiring that goes bad. They use as little copper as possible, and minimal reinforcement. You can buy replacement plugs at RS, etc.

While referb-ing to a new plug, try using heat-shrink tubing for physical reinforcement. I like to use two pieces with different diameters--small to fit over the wire and plug tabs, larger to fit over the plastic (or metal) shield that screws on the plug. You can even use wraps of electrical tape between two pieces of shrink tubing, to build up the diameter so the second (larger) piece of tubing fits very securely.

Just be sure to slip the tubing on the wire before soldering...

With such tiny wires there's no guarantee you won't get a stress break higher up where the tubing ends, but at least that point won't get stressed as much as the wire near the plug...


7 years ago

One place is AllElectronics.  And several other stores like the Electronic Goldmine, and etc.

I am unaware of quick solder or solderless 3.5 jacks, but you could re-inforce the break point with products like rubber sealant, or Sugru, etc.