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36 led turn signals stay on when plugged into car ? Answered

recently i purchased these 36 white led turning signals for my car but when i plug them in they just stay on...i read that i need a resistor to stop this from happening but the bulb has a resistor built into it so i dont understand why it would just stay on...the coding on the resistor is gold,black,green,brown and its a 12v bulb (?) sorry but the packaging doesnt give much info on the product and i have no idea where to obtain the information needed to make this work...any help would be greatly apreciated?




9 years ago

there is a ballast circuit you need to buy and wire into the signal wires, but you need to place it somewhere open because they get hot

I would maybe check out a new flasher that is possibly ment to be used with led car lights. Just for an example. One of my old cars when a bulb would burn out m(say the front left) and you used the left turn single. the single bulb (used to be two but the front right is burnt out remember) doesn't draw enough power to heat up the flasher for it to disconnect, cool off, and reconnect. and a LED light would draw a heck of a lot less that a regular bulb. hope that kinda makes sence. Or I may be way off, you never know with me.

normally the flashing is supplied by the car (you can hear the relay switch working under your steering wheel when you make a turn) the lights probably are meant to be controlled by that relay so they dont have to flash on their own but why white and not red ?? a resistor dims the leds - does not make them flash

What type of bulb is it? if you're using the wrong type of bulb in the wrong socket, power will be applied to the wrong pins.... Can you get us a picture of the bulb, the socket, and your car's make and model?

**I'm guessing the turn signal has 2 filaments in it on a regular bulb. If this is the case, then the 'always running' marker power could be hitting the intended 'flash' circuit.