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360 Wireless Adapter and USB extension cable Answered

Hi everyone on instructables, I having a xbox 360 problem and was wondering if anyone has some advice. ( I posted on the xbox forums but I'd also like some advice from members on instructables since many of you have knowledge in electronics. ) Anyways so here is my problem... I recently just bought a 360 Wireless Adapter so I can play on Xbox Live, but the signal strength is weak because the unit is in the basement and the router is on the second level of the house. Can I attach a USB extension cable (a male and female end) of 15ft to the console onto the adapter so I can relocate the wireless adapter to a different location in my basement where the signal strength is stronger. Can this cause the unit to overheat or cause any other damage because im making the console work harder adding the 15ft usb cable?


i have 20ft using CAT5 in middle for usb wireless card (just connect green to green, green w/white to white, then put orange & orange w/white & blue & blue w/white together to red, brown & brown w/white to black, if not u get usb error

oh dang over 2 years old, guess that aint helpin, oh well for future reference

My system is in my living room and I party in my basement so I play down there, I took a 100 ft. extension cord and cut it in half and put male A/V ends on one end and female A/V from a junk dvd player on the other. For the controller I used three 15 ft. usb cables, one 15ft.extension then one 15ft. repeater then another 15ft. extension then a 360 wired controller. It works great. So you can at least use a 15 footer before you need a repeater.

What I did was string some regular USB cables together with these couplers:


and, like I said, put a powered hub at the other end to provide the voltage instead of getting it from that long of a cable. I saw some plans somewhere about making your own. Just cut a usb cable in half. Take some cat-5 cable and solder a piece in the middle, making it as long as you need, within reason. BTW, here is the 'official' specs on USB cables and how long they can be and the 'official' way to extend them. Good luck


I did something like that. I put a powered-usb hub at the far end so there wouldn't be much of a voltage drop. Of course, this is only an issue if the device gets it's power from the usb cable. They do make amplified usb extenders, but they're more $$. Have you thought of something like a parabolic reflector or some other type of antenna system to increase your signal strength? There are many plans for them here and elsewhere. Just point it at the router.

it might work, I think usb only works up to 10 feet because of resistance and stuff like that