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3D Design Contest Answered

I posted an entry for the contest on the deadline (Oct 12th) and would love to see it up for voting... is there a problem with the entry?




5 years ago


Any clue when results will be published ?

No idea - but finalists are already up.

Me too. Personally I think you have a good shot.

The problem is probably two fold.
One, since each winner can only win one prize they have to work out who gets books. If a first 50 submission also wins a prize then their book should go to entry 51, etc. They also have to weed multiple entries out of the first 50. I was a finalist in a different contest that had a member with multiple finalist entries so they had to work out who got the extra prizes and it took a while beyond the stated date.
Two, these contests are often judged, at least in part, by a third party. Usually the sponsor, in this case Chris Anderson. This means it's out of Instructables hands once they send the finalists to him. They can settle on a date but he has other responsibilities and may take longer then initially projected.

All of that equals stress for us. As soon as a contest's voting closes I become an obsessive email watcher, which ramps up on the day the announcement is supposed to be made if I'm a finalist. I've been getting a little adrenaline spike every time my phone says "2 new messages" ever since Monday. :D

Sorry for the delay! Contest moderation is normally only done on weekdays, so sometimes if you post something over the weekend, it'll be Monday morning before your entry gets approved. :)