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3D Glasses setup? Crystal Eyes? Answered

 I recently found a old pair of Crystal Eyes, and i recognized them as 3d stereo glasses, i found alot of wires, a manual, and an emitter box.
I was wondering if their is an easy way to connect them to my computer
I have a 8800GT and a Gateway 24inch monitor



8 years ago

I know this question is a bit old, but I decided to answer just in case somebody else stumbles upon it.

The emitter box an infrared emitter meant to be used for an active stereo display.  You're going to need a monitor or projector that goes at least 110Hz, preferably 120Hz.  You're also going to need a graphics card that supports quad buffered graphics, because active stereo uses quad bufferering.

My school has a setup that uses those crystal eyes, and it has a Nvidia Quadro Fx 4800 (about $1,500).  The emitter plugs into a DIN connector on the back of your graphics card

i would like to add some images of the glasses and box.

 You might be able to connect them, but that kind of 3d glasses is meant for scientific/3d modelling and doesn't have much software support beyond that kind of program.  Also, tragicallyhip is right, you need a monitor that has a very fast refresh rate, typically a CRT monitor or a DLP tv. Some new LCD's have 120 Hz refresh rates (like the very pretty Viewsonic VX2265) but they're expensive and few and far between.

ok, i also can get a 20" crt for about $10 at the compus used store, i live in a colledge town.
So i just need to figure out if their is a way to connect them.
I found this website, but i don't think my graphics card has this stuff.

Hmmm? the only stumbling block I can see is that your monitor would have to run at 120hz , as each side of the glasses would have to refresh at 60hz.I maybe wrong on this but I don't think so

Well, to permit the illusion of motion 60 Hz is technically adequate, as 24 Hz is the frame rate used for film.  I wouldn't recommend something that slow for someone who is prone to seizures though, as there will be enough flickering to induce them (or at least give you a headache).