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3D Print Workshop at a library Answered

We've had a 3D printer at our library for about 6 months now. We would love to offer workshops on how to use software like Tinkercad or 123D to create your own designs.

We are currently looking for someone to lead the workshop. Any ideas where we could connect with someone?

We are located in Marin County, right next to San Francisco: http://www.beltiblibrary.org/

Many thanks for any suggestions on forums, people to reach out to or even workshop ideas.



2 years ago

Wow sounds lovely!! is your library of a highschool or university? I held some workshop as a student presenter in my University, and if there is anything i learn, that is the workshop design really depends on the audience....i am from Hong Kong though, i probably cant help your workshop physically, just trying to help the discussion get started.

we are a public library. we have an even more varied audience to cater to. I have been leading the tinkercad workshops myself so far. best story, I had a dad and 5 year old son attend my workshop. they were awesome!

Did you know that Instructables is based in San Francisco, down at Pier 9?

I did. But isn't access by invitation only or restricted in some other way?

Have you ever PM with some community manager on this site?

i visited SF last year and i contacted some of them and they manage to sign us on a workshop tour!! they do that!!