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3D Printing Fails. Answered

I'm not exactly sure why, but the BBC collected a bunch of 3D printing failures.

I couldn't resist sharing the screenshots and captions, especially in light of Fungus' recent topic.




2 months ago

yes that was common

After seeing these, I wouldn't go to bed while a print is going. I wouldn't want to waste eight hours and a bunch of plastic. I'd much rather discover a failed print when it first started. But of course, you can't help it if it fails late in printing; that would put a pit in my stomach.

Yeah, this is very common. This is part of the learning process, and maintenance, of a typical consumer 3D printer.

Other printers have issues as well, just with different kinds of failures

"You can learn quite a lot from failure". That's absolutely true!!!!!

Hah I've had a few of these...

This was interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Schadenfreude is my favorite word.

Some of us would come out favored with a fault as the first photo.

If it's recyclable material, something like filabot can help reuse the wasted material.