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3D Soft PVC Label, Supplies?? "rubber/silicon labels, patches, key chain etc" Answered

Does any one here know what , how ,where I can find the supplies to make "Soft PVC Labels"

like these: http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0oG7jhPAzpRoHgAZWFXNyoA?p=Soft+PVC+Labels&fr=yfp-t-621&fr2=piv-web

I have found several manufactures for finished products and production machines (mostly asia) but no information on the material used or sources to find it... I would prefer some where in the U.S. if possible, I don't need a lot so it would not make sense to ship from overseas. Mostly I just want to experiment with the process.

Any help would be awesome!


hello, we are a professional manufacturer specialized in 3d soft PVC label, patch making machines, silicone label processing machines. We can help to make such kind of mold and labels. please contact with me by Skype accound sweet.kathe or email me to sale01@gobohk.com you are welcomed to visit our website http://www.gobohk.com. soft, 3d, 12 colors patches are availabel to be made by our machines

Thank you sweet kathe, I am looking to find where I can get the uncured / unfinished PVC material used in the process. Could you let me know where I might find the PVC still in liquid form?